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Welcome to the Peace Corps/Vanuatu.

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Dear Readers Interested in Knowing More About Peace Corps Vanuatu:

Welcome to our website! If you have been invited to Vanuatu and our upcoming pre-service training, I congratulate you on your invitation and willingness to reach out beyond the borders of the US. The staff and Volunteers of Peace Corps/Vanuatu look forward to meeting you and working with you as you prepare for service. You are about to embark upon a life-changing journey that will give you a unique opportunity to experience a part of the world few people even know about.

This website offers you information and much to think about with regard to Volunteer service and the commitment you are making as a Volunteer. It includes sections on what it means to be a Volunteer; suggestions for what to pack; medical information; a description of the Peace Corps program in Vanuatu; and background information on the history, culture, and government of Vanuatu. Read More »

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Country Information

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  • Capital City – Port Vila
  • Largest City – Port Vila
  • Official Language(s) – Bislama, English & French
  • Area (KM2) – 12,190 km2
  • Population – 234,023 (2009 Statistics)
  • GDP – US$ 2,900 - per capita
  • Currency – VUV

On behalf of the people of Vanuatu I want to thank the Peace Corps Volunteers for the sacrifices they have made to help the people of Vanuatu. Working and living at the level of the people, your two years of service form the basis for the future development of this Country Honorable Edward Natapei Vanuatu Prime Minister (23 July 2004)

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